Monday, April 7, 2014

Reasons Why Morning Shows Should be Banned in Pakistan.

Because Pakistan is a banning nation, we love to Ban, Ban this, Ban that, Ban gal, Ban ana, Ban-c***, Ban Ki Moon, Ban dana and lots of other things, So we thought rather than complaining let’s Ban the real problems that are taking us down the Abyss!
One of those problems are Morning Shows…No, really…They fuck with your mind and leave you like a retard the whole day, so here are some reasons why they should be banned.

1. Firstly…Because YouTube is banned (and we’re doing what we can to make them unblock it #HarTubeKoRihaKaro)

#HarTubeKoRihaKaro…If you know what I mean.

2. When Double-sawari can be banned, Then anything can be banned

Dont try this at home
Dont try this at home

3. Because the poor-ass celebrities need their marriage to happen, that too in the morning…without family…on Live show…with strangers


4. Because we don’t want to see some lame ass attention seekers fighting in the morning

5. The wrath of the Aamil baba is just too much for our mornings
"O ethay aa ni kanjaraaa"
“O ethay aa ni kanjaraaa”
6. Because of the really important topics that they discuss
"Chori ke dhakkan bech ke woh charas khareedta tha"
“Chori ke dhakkan bech ke woh charas khareedta tha”
7.  Because the fake emotion shit is…shit
The name puns are self-made though
The name puns are self-made though
8. Because we just cant bear these faces…NO just NO
LOL at funny.
LOL at Fathira…so funny.

9. This is not a morning show, but this man should be banned

Representing the shemale population
Representing the shemale population
10. Because the amount of chichorpan is too damn high
High as fuck on chichorpan

High as fuck on chichorpan

Photo courtesy: Google, Google and Google


1. What do you think about the morning shows in Pakistan?


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