Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tahir Ashrafi to play dinosaur’s egg in Jurassic World sequel

Tahir Ashrafi to play dinosaur’s egg in Jurassic World sequel
He will be the very thing that gives birth to the magnificent monster

Islamabad: Tahir Ashrafi   of the Pakistan Ulema Council spoke to media on Friday about the upcoming second installment of the Jurassic World franchise.
Pakistanis will be glad to hear that the religious leader was offered a part in the second movie, for which Chris Pratt has been confirmed already.
“The next movie is going to be bigger and better… and have more teeth!” he said jokingly while borrowing a line from the movie. Ashrafi will be playing a vital role in the next movie.
“The point of this movie was that they created this big, giant dinosaur and it was genetically engineered,” he said and added that the next needs a bigger bang to get the biggest amounts of bucks.
“The next movie is going to have the biggest dinosaur to have ever been discovered. I will be playing the role of the egg. I will be the very thing that gives birth to the magnificent monster,” he said while explaining his role.
“I have been offered the most important role of all,” he said.
Ashrafi will be leaving for filming in the next couple of months.
“I’ve been told to keep up my physique and I’m trying to improve it at the moment so that I can have a fuller more satisfying performance,” he said with a smile on his face.


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