Sunday, May 3, 2015

Thank You Hypocrite Indians For Breaking Up The Lovely Relationship Between Virat & Anushka


Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma met on the sets of an advertisement & their life completely changed thereafter.

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Soon love was in the air. Anushka Sharma used to accompany Virat on his National cricket tours. Things were going well between them.

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But things started turning bad when Anushka Sharma was being blamed for Virat's poor performance during the world cup 2015.

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And the same thing has been troubling Virat Kohli since the world cup.

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But something has infuriated Virat Kohli a lot.

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Last night Virat Kohli was seen leaving Anushka Sharma's party bash in anger. If sources are to be believed a verbal spat happened between the lovely couple last night.

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And this morning Virat Kohli tweeted on twitter that he has decided to part ways from this relationship to focus on his career & serve the nation well.

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Do you really think they can part ways? NOPE! It was just a prank & the couple is still together & strong.


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