Saturday, January 18, 2014

Enable Reply Option in Comments for Facebook Profile [2014 Working Trick]

It’s been several days since we showed you some Facebook tricks. It’s now time for you to enable Reply option in comments for Facebook profile. The social networking giant already provided the Reply option in comments for Facebook profiles having more than 10,000 followers but sooner, it was removed by Facebook team. The Facebook pages has the option to enable Reply in comments whereas, in profiles the user do not have a direct access to change those settings. Learn how to enable Reply option in comments for profiles when you update your status or share links.
Before jumping into the tutorial, let you know that this trick is not official and there may occur some adverse things on your account. Few months ago, some of my friends who had single name on Facebook reported me that their account was disabled for having such name.
How does this work?
Facebook provides “Reply” option to New Zealand profiles. Thus by making the site to believe your location as New Zealand, you may add “Reply” option to your own profile.
Let’s begin.
Be ready with the following requirements.
  • Google Chrome web browser (Latest version recommended)
Let’s learn how to enable reply option in comments for Facebook profile.
Step 1: When you are ready with the Google Chrome web browser, you may install a couple of chrome extensions. The link to install the extension is given below the post.
The extensions to be installed are…
  1. Ultimate User Agent Switcher
  2. Manual Geolocation
Step 2: After installing them, click on Manual Geolocation extension icon near Chrome Menu.
Step 3: Click on “enable” link and Search as New Zealand. If you see the link as “disable” then, it is already enabled for action., you just need to search for the location.
Step 4: Once you have done with the Manual Geolocation extension, it’s now time to activate the Ultimate User Agent Switcher. Click on the extension icon and check on the “Activate Now!!” field.
Step 5: Once you have activated, navigate to and click on “Check In” icon. If you have followed the above steps correctly, then the page will search for all locations near/in New Zealand. Select or choose “Coastlands Mall” and update status with privacy “Only Me”.
Step 6: Now, navigate to the normal desktop site and update your status. Test yourself by commenting and voila, if everything was correct as above, then your profile has got a “Reply” option in comments.
It’s time to be more different on Facebook among your friends. try them and comment below if you are struck in any of the steps above. Happy to help!

Note that the person replied to my status update on the above picture is a fake account. Please do not assume anything by yourself. :P
Chrome WebStore Links
If you have got any queries while performing this trick, please comment below. We are happy to help you. And, if you have liked this tutorial, you may also like to check out our other tricks filed under Facebook.

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