Friday, January 17, 2014

Pakistan’s Hair Transplantation Globally Acclaimed

Islamabad:  Pakistan’s Cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation are gaining global acclamation. It is the reason that people across the globe come to Pakistan for the purpose. According to Plastic Surgeons Body, around 20 to 25 Crore rupees are earned annually through the treatment.

Surgeon Dr. Humayun Mohmand, a re-known doctor in Islamabad said that apart from coming for the purpose of transplanting hair, many others come for fixing their news and removing the excessive fats from their body parts.
 A Leading Hair Transplant Doctor told that comers for the hair transplantation are 80 % those who come from abroad.
Dr. Humayun said that the treatment in U.A.E which costs around 30, 000 US $ in Pakistan requires expenditure of 1500 US $ only. Applauding the competency of Pakistani doctors he said that they are no less than the British and American doctors.
Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons President Dr. Moazzam Nazeer said that ¼ of his patients are usually the Pakistani foreign based people. ‘In vacations, they would come to Pakistan for operation ‘, he added.
Hair Transplantation comparison
Dr. Shameer Khan, one of the Pakistani Malaysian based Transplantation surgeon for the first has come to visit Pakistan. Accounting for his arrival he said that treatment in Pakistan is 3,000 $ cheap.
He further said that recommendations of his friends have brought him to the country. ‘In comparison to the hair transplantation done in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, the expenditure is cheap while the results are comparatively better,’ he added.


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