Thursday, January 23, 2014

Candy Crush Saga Hack – Download Here.

Candy Crush Saga has become the Most Popular Game in history of Games, Whether on Facebook, Android or iOS, users are playing this games with out any stop and are getting crazy over it. But Some Stages of this game are so Difficult, that they become quite impossible to Clear. I, My Self, Remain Stuck on Level 125 for almost a Month, but Thanks God, I cleared it. At that moment most of the Players looks for Easiest Solution, Either they try to find the Modded version of game for their Mobiles or a Hack for their Facebook Game.

But what they find is quite disgusting, all the modded Apks of Candy Crush have the Whole Levels Unlocked and what you have to do is to make a Single Move and the whole Level is Clear, It will be good, if you can connect the game with Facebook, Unfortunately you can’t and what is the fun in Playing the Game where you can Finish the Level in just one move. The fun is that you have unlimited boosters and use them anywhere you like and as mush as you like.
On the Other Hand, all the Hack available on Internet, are either fake or Protected by Surveys. And you know that most of the Surveys are not available for every Country. Sometimes, the Survey is only available for USA or UK Only, that is it. But we are not providing you anyone of the above mentioned things, Our way is quite more simple.

Today after a Long time Search, I have found something that is totally working APK.
How to Download and Install Candy Crush Saga Modded apk:
First Download Modded apk from the following links.
Candy Crush Saga v1.19.0 Modded Apk – Download Here [ Latest ]
Step 1: After Downloading the apk file place it on your device / tablet anywhere you want.
Step 2: Un-install the pervious app from your device.
Step 3: Now Goto Settings > Applications > check “Unknown sources” box. Tap ‘OK” on the warning.
Step 4: Now goto the location where you placed Candy Crush Saga apk file and tap on it.
Step 5: You get a pop-up choose package installer, it will take few seconds and its done.
Now open the app the and enjoy everything unlimited :) ..

How to connect with Facebook while using Candy Crush Saga Modded apk:
We have seen that when you install a modded apk for any app you get to face problems connecting Facebook but no need to worry i have solution for you follow the simple steps if face any connecting issue.
Method 1:
Step 1: Go to application manager on your Android device.
Step 2: Search for Candy Crush Saga.
Step 3: After you find the app tap on it and “Clear Data” launch game. :)
Method 2:
Step 1: Open you Facebook Account Settings–> App Setting–>>Remove Candy Crush Saga from the list.
Step 2: Un- install the official app from your device.
Step 3: Now install the modded apk and launch game :) .


If it fails to connect to the FACEBOOK then
Try This It wil Work.

If its Saying Facebook Connection Cancelled then follow the steps which i followed and i m able to connect it guys....
1. Uninstall the original candy crush
2. Remove it from the facebook app list
3. Uninstall Facebook App if you have it installed in your cell phone
4. Install Modded APK
5. Try to connect....on connection it will ask for facebook username and password....DONE!!!
Now you will be able to synchronize and connect to facebook.


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