Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Indian singer Hans Raj Hans embraces Islam, wants to go Madinah

Lahore: Indian famous singer Hans Raj Hans has confirmed media reports in which it was mentioned that the singer has embraced Islam.
According to a report published in newspaper, the singer said his name would be Mohammad Yousuf for now but he cleared that he will maintain his name ‘Hans Raj Hans’ for singing industry.
He said he has got the Islamic education very closely and started reading of Holy Quran and gradually began to understand the essence of the divine revelation. I listened to the call of my heart and decided to embrace Islam.”
We should follow the teaching of Islam as it is a Religion of Love and Peace, he added.
Raj further said that he felt proud to become a Muslim, adding that he wanted to visit Madinah as early as possible.
He emphasized both India and Pakistan to resolve all the problems with dialogue as it was the wish of the people of both the countries.


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