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Inter Service Intelligence [World's Best Intelligence Agency]



  • History

  • Structure

    • Director Generals of the ISI

    • Functional Branches of ISI

  • Operations

    • Intelligence operations history

    • Methods of Intelligence

  • Recruitment and training

    • Career

    • Educational Requirements

    • Entry Tests

    • Spy-Making Courses

  • Distinguished Agency

    • ISI Agents

    • ISI Recognization

    • ISI Techniques

  • Objectives

    • Error-eta

    • Goals & Missions

The intelligence community of Pakistan, which was once described by the "Frontier Post" of Peshawar (May 18,1994) as its "invisible government" and by the "Dawn" of Karachi (April 25,1994) as "our secret godfathers" consists of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the ISI.  While the IB comes under the Interior Minister, the ISI is part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).  Each wing of the Armed Forces has also its own intelligence directorate for tactical MI.

The Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (also Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI) is the largest intelligence service in Pakistan. It is one of the three main branches of Pakistan's intelligence agencies. This is the 1st line of defense and all employees are the defenders of nations working like a solid metallic wall against the enemies. The intelligence officers, who are mostly hired from the three armed forces, (i.e. Pak Army, Pak Air-force & Pak Navy) are very much loyal and devoted to their people and country. They know how to tackle and handle the threats and the enemies of the nation very efficiently. They put Country/Nation first and Organization before self. Their all actions and deeds are based on the Teachings of Islam, Faith, Discipline, Unity, Truth, and uphold the highest standards of conduct.

 ISI is one of the best and very well organized, top ranking intelligence agency in the world. This organization is working under a predefined constitutional and legal frame work and who’s GD (Director General/Head - Lt. Gen) is completely answerable in front of the Head of the state and some times and in some cases in front of the Chief of the Army Staff.


The ISI is staffed mainly by personnels deputed from the police, Para-military forces and some specialized units of the Army such as Signals and SSG (Commandos). There are more than and over 25,000 active men on its staff. This figure does not include informants and assets


ISI is headquartered in Aabpara, Islamabad on Shahrah-e-Soharwardi and works under a Director General, a serving Lieutenant General of the Pakistan Army.
Internal wing - Dealing with counter-intelligence and political issues inside Pakistan.

External wing - Handling with external issues, and Analysis.

Foreign Relations wing – Managing the affairs out side the Pakistan


After independence in 1947, and to safe guard the real national interests the two new intelligence agencies were created in Pakistan: the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Military Intelligence (MI). The Inter-Services Intelligence was created as an independent unit in 1948 in order to strengthen the performance of Pakistan's Military Intelligence with the coordination with in the all three forces. ISI was formerly in the Intelligence Bureau (IB), which handled intelligence sharing between the different branches of the military as well as external intelligence gathering. Its headquarters was initially located in Rawalpindi but later it was moved to Islamabad at Shahrah-e-Soharwardi.
Since beginning ISI had a perfect positive path and vision to safe guard the nation in every aspect. Its foundations were strong and its scope was very wide, clear and fascinating. In 1950 it was officially given the task to safe guard Pakistani interests and national security inside and outside the country. After playing the magnificent role and achieving almost all the difficult and impossible tasks in the war between Pakistan and India in 1965.
Gen. Ayub Khan” appointed “Yahya Khan” to chair a committee for the re-evaluation of this newly born ISI and its subdivisions to expand its scope due to its magnification performance. Gen. Ayub Khan entrusted the ISI with the responsibility for the collection of internal and external intelligence in all over the Pakistan. Later on, during the Baloch nationalist revolt in Balochistan in the mid 1970s, the ISI was tasked with performing a similar intelligence gathering operation.

After General Zia ul-Haq came into power in July 1977, the scope of ISI was more expanded by making it responsible for the collection of intelligence about all the Anti-Pakistani separatist parties specially those who were struggling for the division and separate land and which were provoked by the neighboring enemies.

The Soviet-Afghan war of the 1980s saw the enhancement of the covert action capabilities of the ISI with the support of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). A special Afghan Section was created under the command of Colonel Mohammed Yousaf to oversee the coordination of the war. A number of officers from the ISI's Covert Action Division were specially trained by the Pakistani Army and ISI to guide it in its operations against the Soviet troops by using the Afghan Mujahideen. From 1983 to 1997, the ISI reportedly trained over 80,000 Afghan Mujahideen for campaigns in Afghanistan Jihad. At that time and under the leadership of one of the most famous generals and patriots,
Gen. Akhtar Abdur Rehman Shaheed” played a vital role to strengthen this organization. During the 1990s, the ISI grew into a powerful and questionable organization for the enemies of our beloved nation Pakistan.

After wining the afghan war and distributing the super power of that time in to smaller countries, the activities of the ISI became restricted and they were engaged again back to their core responsibilities of the internal and external security of Pakistan.


The Chief Of Army Staff of Pakistan Army, led the appointment of the director, but the official confirmation needed from the President, with a consultation from the Prime Minister. The headquarters of the ISI are situated in Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory. It is currently headed by Lieutenant-General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, who took over as ISI's Director Generalship in September 2008.

Director Generals of the ISI

  1. Colonel Syed Shahid Hamid 1948-1950
  2. MGen Robert Cawthome. 1950-1959
  3. BGen Riaz Hussain. 1959 - 1966
  4. MGen (then BGen) Mohammad Akbar Khan. 1966 - 1971
  5. LGen (then Maj Gen) Ghulam Jilani Khan. 1971 - 1978
  6. LGen Muhammad Riaz. 1978 - 1980
  7. LGen Akhtar Abdur Rahman. 1980 - March 1987
  8. LGen Hamid Gul. March 1987 - May 1989
  9. LGen (retd) Shamsur Rahman Kallu. May 1989 - August 1990
  10. LGen Asad Durrani. August 1990 - March 1992
  11. LGen Javed Nasir. March 1992 - May 1993
  12. LGen Javed Ashraf Qazi. May 1993 - 1995
  13. LGen (then Maj Gen) Naseem Rana. 1995 - October 1998
  14. LGen Ziauddin Butt. October 1998 - October 1999
  15. LGen Mahmud Ahmed. October 1999 - October 2001
  16. LGen Ehsan ul Haq. October 2001 - October 2004
  17. LGen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. October 2004 - October 2007
  18. LGen Nadeem Taj. October 2007 - October 2008
  19. LGen Ahmad Shuja Pasha. October 2008–Present  

Functional Branches of ISI

1.Joint Intelligence X(JIX)
It serves as the secretariat which co-ordinates and provides administrative support to the other ISI wings and field organizations. It also prepares intelligence estimates and threat assessments. It provides administrative support to the other major divisions and regional organizations of the ISI.

2. Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB)
One of the largest and most powerful divisions of the ISI, monitors political intelligence. The JIB consists of three subsections, with one subsection devoted to operations involving India, other operations involve, anti-terrorism and VIP security.

3. Joint Counter Intelligence Bureau (JCIB)
Responsible for oversees intelligence operations in Central Asia South Asia, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Israel and Russia also responsible for field surveillance of Pakistani diplomats stationed abroad, if need be monitoring foreign diplomats as well .

4. Joint Intelligence/North (JIN)
Conduct ISI operations for Jammu and Kashmir , including monitoring Indian forces deployed within disputed Kashmir forcefully held by India.

5. Joint Intelligence Miscellaneous (JIM)
Responsible for covert offensive intelligence operations and war time espionage.

6. Joint Signal Intelligence Bureau (JSIB)
It includes Deputy Directors for Wireless, Monitoring and Photos, operates a chain of signals intelligence collection stations, and provide communication support to its operatives. It also collects Intelligence through monitoring of communications channels of neighboring countries. It has a chain of stations that track and collect intelligence signals along the Indo-Pakistani border and in Kashmir.
A sizeable number of the staff is from the Army Signal Corps. It has its units deployed in Islamabad, Quetta, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar.

7. Joint Intelligence Technical Division (JIT)
  JTI/JIT include a separate explosives section and a chemical warfare section.

            The ISI maintains one more primary sections in addition to the seven outlined above that is the Joint division of technical Intelligence.


Collection of information and extraction of intelligence from information: ISI obtains information critical to Pakistan's strategic interests. Both overt and covert means are            adopted.
Classification of intelligence: Data is sifted through, classified as appropriate, and filed      with the assistance of the "Computer network" in ISI's headquarters in Islamabad.
Counterintelligence: ISI has a dedicated section which spies against enemy's intelligence     collection.

Intelligence operations history

According to the First ever Rule Of the "Secret Guard of the Nation" ,Our Historical Triumphs are never made Public , But there are times when our grateful Friend Countries make our works Public. Also when a foreign spy or Anti-Pakistan terrorists are captured by us ,the efficiency of our Operations are admired round the world. The brief Glimpse of ISI involvement in International Stage is Given Below :


                     ISI, the key architect of the Afghan resistance against the Soviet Union.


                    The ISI  supplied arms to the warring parties in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and                                  airlifted heavy weapons and missiles for the Bosnian Muslims.


                    ISI,always there to counter RAW.


                     ISRAELI Anti-Pakistan activities monitored round the Globe.


                     Known Friendship and Intelligence sharing.


                           All actions against Pakistan Nuclear Program duly monitored.

Soviet Union and Post-Soviet states

                         World recognized success Against USSR.

United States

                  Highly monitored Relations by ISI.

Methods of Intelligence

Information Collection:
The working style and strategy of ISI is totally very much different from the all other agencies of different countries, it has the latest techniques with state of the art technology to full fill their objectives and to ensure the safety of our beloved nation. The collection of information from different means and assets is a part of the other techniques and plays an important role in that.
Collaboration with other agencies:
ISI maintains active collaboration with other secret services in various countries. Its contacts are with Chinese Intelligence, the American CIA and British MI6 have been well-known.
 Third Country Technique:
ISI has been active in obtaining information and operating through third countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Turkey and China.

Recruitment and training

Both civilians and members of the armed forces can join the ISI. For civilians, recruitment is advertised and is jointly handled by the Federal Public Services Commission (FPSC) and civilian ISI agents are considered employees of the Ministry of Defense. The FPSC conducts various examinations testing the candidate's knowledge of current affairs, English and various analytical abilities. Based on the results, the FPSC shortlists the candidates and sends the list to the ISI who conduct the initial background checks. The selected candidates are then invited for an interview which is conducted by a joint committee comprising both ISI and FPSC officials.


Those candidates who passed the interview then have to go through rigorous fitness, medical and psychological evaluations. Once the candidate clears these evaluations, the ISI performs a very thorough background check on the candidate before being offered to join the ISI. Security clearance is granted once the candidate accepts the offer. Recruited agents then go to the Inter-Services Intelligence School for basic training following which they are employed on an initial one year probationary period. However, civilian operatives are not allowed to rise above the equivalent of the rank of Major and are mostly assigned to JIX, JIB and JCIB departments and the rest of the departments are solely headed by the armed forces but there have been rare cases in which civilians have been assigned to those departments.
Armed Forces:
For the armed forces, officers have to apply for admission into the Inter-Services Intelligence School. After finishing the intelligence course, they can apply to be posted in Field Intelligence Units or in the directorate of Military/Air/Naval intelligence. Then they wait and hope that their performance is good enough to be invited to the ISI for a temporary posting. Based on their performance in the military and the temporary posting with ISI, they are then offered a more permanent position.
Senior ISI officers with ranks of Major and above are assigned to the ISI for no more than only two to three years to curtail the attempt to abuse their power. Almost all of the Director-Generals of the ISI have never served in the organization before being appointed by the military commanders to lead it. ISI also monitors former, current and retired military officers who at one point or another held sensitive positions and had access to classified data. However in some special circumstances officers with outstanding achievements are given an extended appointment and even a lifetime (till 60 years of age)    job.

Educational Requirements

    Engineers ,Doctors,Commerce students,Programmers,are equally accepted
Youth mastered in followings are also the main part of this world class Organization:

3.Circuits Managers
5.Friendly hackers

Entry Tests

Post: Assistant Director.
Eligibility:  Age 21 to 35.  Qualification:
                     Bachelor's Degree (Preference will be given to those who possess Masters or      higher degree in subjects of Economics, Political Science, IR, Defense and Strategic          Studies, and Computer Science/ IT)

 Written Examination:
Two papers
1. Essay
2.Current affairs

1.Essay: 100 Marks Time 3 hrs

You will be given about five essays. You will have to attempt any one. Your essay must be of at least 2500 to 3000 words.

--Woman Related Issue
--Democracy in Pakistan
--Economic Development in Pakistan
--Corruption and accountability in Pakistan
--Energy Crisis
--Global War against Terror and its Future
--Conflict or Dialogue among Civilizations
--Nuclear Proliferation
Prepare these topics comprehensively. Other topics for essay will be from Current affairs. so prepare best for Current affairs paper.

2. Current Affairs 100 Marks

You will have to opt 5 questions only.

One question will be Compulsory and it will be of MCQ's type.
Now You will have to attempt 4 questions out of 9 remaining. All will be descriptive. One question will be of notes; u will have to attempt two notes if u are attempting that question.
Note: Current Affairs paper will be like CSS IR+Current Affairs paper. So take help from previous years CSS IR papers.

Read All National Issue:
Baluchistan Distrubance,
Waziristan and War On Terror,
Charter of Democracy and Future of Pakistani politcs,
Personalised politics in Pakistan,
Future Military Role in Pakistani Democracy etc
Energy and Water Crises
Earthquacke Reconstrcution

---International and Reginal Organisations and Allainces :
    UNO, OIC, GCC, EU, NATO, SCO, SAARC, et al
---UNSC Reforms
---Nuclear Proliferation
---WTO and Globalisation and its impact on SAARC countries
---India-USA Relations
---India-Pakistan Relations an Progress on Compsosite Dialogue
---Pakistan-China Relations and Cooperation in All Areas particulary Defense
---Pakistan-Iran and Regional Dynamics and IPI- Gas Pipleline
---Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations and Taliban Factor
---Iran-USA and Nuclear proliferation
---Pakistan-USA Strategic Dialogue and future
---Foreign Policy of USA, India, China.
---Global Warming
---Geo-political and geo-strategic importance of Pakistan
---Political Culture of Pakistan and Democratic Future of Pakistan

Spy-Making Courses


The courses frequently taught,and essentially considered by every trainee :

        Quick Psychology-reading,Hypnotism,Telepathy.
        Basic Hacking skills.

        Judo,Marshal Arts,Ninja,Taekwondo,Jew-jitsu.
        Commando-training,shooting,sword,battle-knife techniques.
        Torture methods and Assassination techniques.

        Bomb courses,Explosives handling
        First aid,Poisons,Narcotics,Chemicals handling and identification.
        Acting Skills,Personality-building.
        Make-up techniques,Disguising-methods,Gesture changing.
        Vocal-cord practices ,Language-courses.
        Foreign customs,Religions,Culture knowledge and training .
       Camera(video,images) Monitoring and advanced skills.
        Map-reading,Architects knowledge.
        Signals-processing ,Wireless ,Electronics handling.
       Jet-plane,Helicopter ,Ship,Launch-driving training.

Extra Skills

                     Tailoring,Carpenter,Cook,Waiter. (Helps in disguising of a Spy)

Distinguished Agency

The main objective of ISI is to collect the intelligence data through different means and to safeguard the national interests. The job is to identify and block the threats to the state and its citizens, and to reinforce the country's security and safety according to the teachings of Islam and the constitution.

ISI Agents

      The Chief of ISI is the most active on the stage of all the other Personals.
      There is no Spokesman,But the chief who is the only one supposed to clear ISI                          intentions round the world. 
      No branch office known,no safe houses,no spy-institutes known to any outsider.
      No women wing,unlike many other agencies.
      Never ever an agent Caught involved in law-breaking.
      Never a double agent situation occurred.
      No other ISI person known other then the Chief.
      Bug phones and Mobiles of Politicians,Secretaries and Ambassadors for the sake of             National security.
      Monitor Movements of certain suspicious Persons.
      Watch closely High security areas of Pakistan.
      Keep Records of the "Bad Guys" with all Possible Information.

ISI Recognization

ISI Tops 10 Best Intelligence Agencies In The World:
Topping the Top Ten? "ISI for sure,' says Gren, "No double agents, no agent ever caught on camera, the lowest budget but still affective. In war with 6 big intelligence agencies of the world. ISI has even countered MOSSAD in the 1980s and late '90s when there was a plan of a possible strike on Pakistan's nukes."

"It has to be the ISI" says John Smith on the Web site. "It broke down the Soviet Union (which also led to the reunification of Germany; the German Intelligence Chief gave a piece of the Berlin Wall to the Pakistani Intel Chief with a plaque under it saying, 'To the one who struck the first blow'), has protected and developed the country's nuclear assets against all odds, has defeated Al Qaeda/Taliban especially these days with the capture of Baradar, etc. by the ISI, has deep ingress into India. No other agency matches it in efficiency, precision, discipline and professionalism."
                                                                                                                                                  Source: Australia

   "It was due to ISI and Pakistan Army the, Communism and the USSR collapsed and the Berlin Wall was Destroyed . Germany was re-united after 28 years. German Government sent a piece of that Wall as a Tribute to then ISI Chief ".
Source: Germany
  "The only Intelligence agency with Lowest Budget , Greatest number of Personals and highest success Percentage in the overall History".  
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Source: United States of America

ISI Techniques


      Artificial satellites and  Drones used For Crucial Intelligence .
ake with less Bad guys to catch "More Bad Guys".
      Mostly no Proof of the missions kept , nor found by any one.
      Complex methods adopted to stop any leakage of
internal Information.
      Monitoring of Old and New agents (A,B,C Levels),till they are trust-worthy enough.
      Agents send to foreign countries work continuous 5-6 years with a promise of Life                time rest.
      Secret groups and Circles in Foreign countries.
      Deep access to Enemy Infrastructure.
      Exceptional Techniques for the leakage of Desired Information of the Opponent.


 Every state apparatus requires intelligence agencies, and Pakistan is no different. ISI is the nation’s invisible 1st line of defense. The intelligence officers, who are mostly hired from all the three armed forces, of the said organization are very much loyal and devoted to their people and country. They know how to tackle and handle the threats and the enemies of the nation very efficiently. They put Country/Nation first and Agency before self. Their all actions and deeds are based on the Teachings of ISLAM, Faith, Discipline, Truth, and uphold the highest standards of conduct.



   Main objective of this organization is to keep the Pakistan on safe and right track, and still the people of the Pakistan have the blind faith on this noble organization. There are some of the other groups of regimes which are accusing ISI, but all these acquisitions are only based on the Anti-Pakistani Propaganda. The main culprit behind these all propagandas is India who has been playing different games since 1947 and trying to capture the attention of the world through cheap measures. But Masha-Allah and AlhamdoliAllah they are still trying and will keep on trying without success and these defenders of nations and silent soldiers will keep going on INSHALLAH.
One of the purposes of this web site is to negate all the negative impressions and to answer all the questions which are in the mind of those people who don’t know actually and exactly what the ISI is, why it was founded and what they are doing.
There is a spread of misinformation by the Western and Indian media on internet and the role of ISI is presented as an organization, which is:
  • Manipulating or involved in the politics of the country.
  • Which is supporting the Extremist and Islamist Organizations.
  • Which is interfering in the internal affairs of neighboring countries e.g. India and Afghanistan.
  • ISI fought a PROXY WAR against the Soviet Union, they were fighting for the Single Super Power.
  • It is said that the ISI is a “State With In A State”

This all nonsense and rubbish is the part of the Anti-Pakistani propaganda. We would request the readers to condemn all the propaganda, which is against the Pakistan and the Assets of Pakistan. This is our national obligation and responsibility from which no one can deny. The whole world should understand that the enemies of  our beloved nation are trying to damage and destroy the image of the nation as well as they are making the false pictures of its defenders, which is totally unacceptable for the Pakistanis. We know that until the ISI is there and the help of ALLAH, no one can harm is from inside and outside, whether it is an enemy or a friend acting as enemy.
This is a “Tribute” to our Silent Soldiers and defenders of nation…
May ALLAH bless us All…

Goals & Missions

The main Mission of ISI is to collect the intelligence data through different means and to safeguard the national interests. The job is to identify and block the threats to the state and its citizens, and to reinforce the country's security and safety according to the teachings of Islam and the constitution.

The ISI was structured to be manned by officers from the three main military services, and to specialize in the collection, analysis and assessment of external intelligence, either military or non-military. At first, the ISI focused primarily on domestic espionage, such as tapping telephone conversations and monitoring internal political affairs and these all activities were same like other agencies of different countries, in which those were already involved.

Now its primary objectives are not only to safeguard the National Security and Pakistani interests, but also, reinforcing Pakistani power base in the region. Other responsibilities includes, monitoring the political and military developments in adjoining countries, which hafve direct bearing on Pakistan's national security and in the formulation of its foreign policy and to collect foreign and domestic intelligence in such cases. Co-ordination of intelligence functions of the three military services and to keep vigilant surveillance over its cadre, foreigners, the media, politically active segments of Pakistani society, and diplomats of other countries accredited to Pakistan and Pakistani diplomats serving outside the country.

This honorable organization known as “ISI” is really very sincere and loyal to country and performs such heroic silent deeds like You normally used to hear in your daily lives, historical stories and war magazines. May ALLAH keep blessing on Pakistan.



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